Monday, May 17, 2010

In gardening news...

Our little garden is growing! It's so exciting. Every day we all go out and see if we can find something new sprouting up. Besides weeds. Weeds are the bain of my existence right now. Here's how things look.

Hola jalapeno pepper. Como estas? Isn't he cute?

Mmm.mmm. Tomatoes. You'll be so good on some white bread with a little mayo, salt, pepper and tobasco sauce. Looking forward to it.

Now for the basil. See how it's all sad looking and riddled with holes?

It's not supposed to look like that. We have an infestation of some sort of black, irridescent looking little hopping bug all over the basil. They are eating it alive. I sprayed some organic stuff my dad bought me on the plants hoping that would solve the problem. It didn't. Those bugs actually looked me in the eyes and laughed while they kept on munching. So now, we're pulling out the big guns. It's still organic but I'm hoping it will be a good incentive for those little guys to leave our garden. Also, I had to pick a green catepillar off of my lettuce today. He didn't want to leave. I actually heard a ripping noise as I was prying his many feet off of the leaf. Then, I swear he attached himself to my finger and tried to eat that. I'm really not ready to talk about it yet. I'm also not ready to discuss how I flung him over the fence. I didn't smush him though because "eewww!"

Dear bugs in my garden,

I'm sick of you. I wanted to make a tomato and basil omelette for breakfast but you ate all my basil. It's like living with a really inconsiderate roommate. I didn't want to hurt you, but you have forced my hand. I'm about to go all Jack Bauer on you. (Have you seen 24 lately? He has gone CRAZY!)

My faithful husband will be making a little present for you when he gets home from work today. Just a warning. It's called Lethal Weapon. It has stuff like onion, garlic and cayenne pepper in it. It is meant to hurt you. Your little mandibles will be on FIRE. Not to mention the fact that your breath will be so bad that all of the other bugs will make fun of you. You can avoid certain defeat by vacating the premises within 24 hours. All my love, LM


  1. At least your garden is flourishing! We had a gopher eat our tomato plant from the roots up yesterday! Dirty little bastard. If he eats my cilantro we will have serious issues. :)

  2. a gopher?! sounds like you need a trap or one of those things that makes noise they hate...