Friday, May 28, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

My niece, Katie, turned 14 on Sunday. I can't believe she's that old. I still remember the day she was born. My parents called me to tell me that my sister was at the hospital ready to pop. I lived about forty five minutes away. I remember driving to the hospital when I started to feel very sick to my stomach. I was having the worst stomach ache of my life. I seriously thought I would have to pull over to the side of the road to die. But then I thought that if I could at least make it to the hospital maybe some doctor there could save me. So I drove on.

As I was pulling into the parking lot I saw my mom come out to meet me. I was doubled over in pain. As soon as I got to her, she told me that Katie had already arrived and that she and my sister were doing well. My stomach pains immediately left. To this day, I think I was having sympathy labor pains for my sister. It was either that or the Taco Bell I had for lunch that day. Just kidding. I don't remember what I had for lunch that day. Probably cookies.

Katie has always been one of my favorite people. (As is her brother Tom, but it's not his birthday now.) When I was still a single person and she was about four or five we had many a serious conversation about my future. She was very concerned that I was not going to get married. In fact, the three top questions that Katie always asked me whenever I saw her were:

1.) How come you're not married?
2.) How come you don't have kids?
3.) What is that thing in your belly button?

It was a little hard on my self esteem. But I had to remember that she was little and was just genuinely concerned about my welfare. Except for the belly button question. That was just being nosy.

I also remember several nights staying up late with her talking and talking to me. Since I was single, whenever my family got together at Christmas I always got put in a bed with either Katie or Tom. Tom snored. Katie talked. I love them. I will never forget our discussions about life not being fair for the youngest person of the family. By that time, my sister's family had moved from a cute little "farm house" with lots of land, horses and cows to a beautiful house with "only" a few acres of land. Katie felt rooked. All she wanted to do was move back to the farm but no one would listen to her. Tell me about it. When I was a kid we moved from a very small town in the Texas panhandle to a larger city. I did NOT want to go. I actually wanted to stay with my friends and see my family in the summers. When that didn't pan out I asked my parents if we could keep our house in the small town as a "summer house." Didn't work either. Off to the city we went. So, Katie, it doesn't get easier. You have to shout if you want to be heard.

There is nothing like having a niece and nephew you enjoy in life. I love watching them grow up. It seems like yesterday when Katie sent me this email but it was actually in 2004! She would have been seven or eight. It cracks me up.

Der Kim have you have a grat time in california ? but I wish you can cum
over to my haws and you haft to see the grbels thay yoosly make ther haws a
reke and we haft to clen awt ther kage and we had to give them all off ther
hay so we dont have no more hay so we haft to by sumore at petsmorke and one
time I fawlnd for dog,s and one or to cat,s idontno cus Idont remimber if
that is true cus that was a wek agow so I do not no.

I hop tedy is arit
by katie kyle

(after spell check)
Dear Kim have you had a great time in California ? but I wish you can come
over to my house and you have to see the gerbils they usually make their
house a wreck and we have to clean out their cage and we had to give them
all off their hay so we don't have no more hay so we have to buy some more
at Pets Mart and one time I found four dogs and one or to cats I don't know
because I Don't remember if that is true because that was a week ago so I do
not no.

I hope Teddy is alright,

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  1. That cracked me up. She was so concerned about your marital status. I'm glad you got married so she could stop worrying about you. Now, if she gets a belly button ring we might have a problem.