Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super exciting bed news

We decided it was time to upgrade Jake to a big boy bed. He was super excited. He didn't really need a bigger bed but our family needed a bigger bed so that no one has to sleep on the floor when guests stay overnight. And since we don't have a guest room, we'll be turning Jake's room into a guest room for our overnight visitors. Hope everyone likes Lightning McQueen. I think he's classic.

Anyway, the crib my dad built Jake when he was born is one that converts from a crib to a toddler bed and then to a full size bed. So we just needed to buy the mattress and box spring. They arrived yesterday afternoon and Mike began the process of turning the toddler bed into a real bed. Emma helped.

Jake was busy watching a movie and summoning us to him whenever he needed a snack or a drink. He thinks he's the King or something.

This is the finished product. It's really a beautiful bed. Too bad our kids' bedrooms are so darn small. The bed is now definately the focal point of the room. Jake came running into the room when it was finished and was very excited and even grateful to his serfs for providing him with this bed fit for a king. He looks so cute and so very small in it.

The next step in growing Jake up? Big boy underwear. We are going to get this kid potty trained this summer if it kills us. Aren't these the cutest underwear you've ever seen? They're so small it looks like our cat could wear them! Hard to believe someone small enough to fit into these little things needs such a big bed to sleep in.


  1. ok so your son's room looks really familiar! what is it with cars and little boys? sigh. i actually painted hubcaps with the boys name's on them, hung them on the wall and it looked great. so if you want to continue to copy me....

    oh and good luck on potty training. that's a fun one...

  2. hubcaps! what a great idea! you know, they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

    okay, now any words of wisdom about potty training?

  3. potty training. we found a dvd, potty power, that has songs and stories on it. we let Will watch it as much as he wanted. seriously, he watched it like 5 times a day. after each viewing we asked if he wanted to try. honestly like in a week he was trained. wyatt just did it cause his brother did. we used some m&m bribery with going poo poo but that was about it.

    dont' know if that helps....

  4. I know I am probably the only person that swears by this but It is the only way either of my kids would even consider potty training. I used the Peter Potty which is like a urinal. I know it will not wrk when you train emma but both my boys started with it and it made it easy to transition to sitting for peeing and then pooping because once they got the feel of holding it they know the feeling and then just used any potty around.. Pretty sure i got mine at either target or walmart. Also, having them run around naked as much as possible when you first start out helps too before graduating to underwear. That is just my personal experience.