Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day festivities

Sunday at church we had a special family dedication service. It was extra special because our family participated. Mike and I have been going to parenting classes at church for a few weeks and it all culminated with the dedication on Mother's Day. My parents even came down for the service! It was so nice to spend Mother's Day with my mama.

During the classes each family came up with their own special family covenant in which we put down in writing the things we would like our kids to remember growing up. I loved this! Now, when Jake hits his sister I can say "mister, you better go look at number two on the family covenant where it clearly states we are to treat others the way we want to be treated! and while you're at it, go ahead and look at number three where it says to be kind in every situation!" I can't wait to use this thing. Seriously, the class was really good and gave us some very useful tools to use in raising our kids and becoming the family we would like to be.

So the service was just supposed to be a celebration of families committed to raising up their kids believing in God and with common moral values. They called us all up on stage and then the pastor prayed over each family. I was a little nervous about this part. I hoped we would be the first family to go because I wasn't hopeful that our children could be still and quiet while waiting for other families to be blessed.

The first thing I did to prepare for the service was to dye my hair purple. It wasn't supposed to be purple. It was supposed to be light red. The girl on the box had light red hair but my turned out purple. Think pomegranite. Nice. Also, I went shopping to find a nice dress for the occasion but nice dresses are no longer made. So I bought a new shirt to go with some black pants I have. I figured pants would be better than a dress anyway in case I had to chase one of our kids down up on stage. Good call. Emma thought she was the star of a broadway show Sunday morning. She wanted to run all over the stage showing off her pretty new dress. I was on my knees trying to restrain her while they dedicated the first two families. Later, I realized that the new shirt I bought probably allowed me to flash the entire church congregation while I was down on my knees. So, that's good. Nothing says wholesome family dedication like some ladies boobs hanging out.

Anyway, we got dedicated. The pastor typically holds one of the kids while he's praying for you. He reached out to Jake first because I think he could tell that Emma was a pistol. Jake shook his head violently back and forth and said "Nuh-Uh!". So Pastor Ryan held out his hands to Emma and I tried to pawn her off on him. She immediately forgot she was the star of a one baby show and started crying. So Mike and I held our kids for the prayer. Here are some pictures. It was kind of dark in there but you get the point.

Here's Emma in her new dress. Jake looked handsome too. I just didn't get a picture of him.

We had a lovely Mother's Day with my parents. My sister and niece came over in the afternoon to help us celebrate my mama's birthday which was the next day. Here is my mom and I getting ready to eat her birthday cake. She said this was the first birthday cake she had ever had in her entire life. We all felt so bad! I know she always made us birthday cakes but apparently none of us ever thought of baking her one. We suck. She should have had a family covenant in the house with the words "someone better make me a cake every year on my birthday!" written down on it.

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