Saturday, April 16, 2011

Butterflies, donkeys and dirt!

Ugh. I'm so far behind I don't know where to start. I think I'll just start with yesterday! Katha brought her boys over and we all caravaned over to Wimberley for the butterfly festival. It was so cute! I would love to go back to Wimberley and look through all of the shops and eat at some of the restaurants. Alas, I would love to do this without the kids along. See you in 2019 Wimberley!

The butterfly festival was a huge success with all of the kids. For only $1 a slice we could purchase cantaloupe and go scoop a butterfly out of a cage and sit and hold it and watch it eat cantaloupe juice. Jake loved this! Emma was much more into going through my bag to pull out every single snack I brought along. I'd like to tell you my children didn't eat the cantaloupe slices that the butterflies were feeding on. I'd like to tell you that a lot. But, they did. I'd like to tell you the slices didn't have any dirt on them either. But, they did. Katha and I decided we were just going to let them have a true "organic" experience with the butterflies.

Once we were done with the insects, we headed over to this lovely Princess carriage they had in the park. Emma was in heaven. Actually, they all were. The boys quickly turned it into some sort of pirate ship or space craft and climbed to the top to do battle with whatever bad guys were around. They may have also all eaten a bag of Cheeto's while they were in there so the two mama's could sit down and have a moment. I'm just sayin'.

Then we headed over to the train to spend $2/kid on a 45 second train ride that Emma only lasted in for 3.5 seconds. I had to take her out due to all the crying and the boys went without her. The guy running the train (which didn't allow adults to board) told me at the beginning that I might want to walk along beside it because he "didn't stop for crying." He wasn't lying. I had to yank that little girl off the train while jogging along beside it. I think I pulled a hammie.

After the train we headed over to the petting zoo. It was a mad house. But right next to it was a pen with little donkeys all decked out in flower lei's. There was nobody over there. I guess donkeys don't draw as big a crowd as bunnies and goats. But I say that nothing says fun like some festive donkeys. Well, the lady let us in for free and the kids loved it! I won't tell you what we smelled like after that encounter but I assure you it wasn't flowers!

Lastly, we wondered over to the snow cone line. This line was from hell. But we were all hot and parched and needed some refreshment in the form of ice with sugar water sprinkled on it. Katha graciously stood in line while I kept an eye on the children. They immediately found an old fire pit or something with loads of dirt, soot and ash in it. It was like a child magnet. They could not stay out of it. Emma looked like a street urchin by the end of the day. I had dressed her in a cute little skirt and her diaper underneath it was just filthy by the end of the day. You know what they say, "the dirtier the play, the better the day!" Actually, I think I just made that up. I'm not going to credit that statement to "they". That's all mine. And I'm done.


  1. If it makes you feel better Sean dropped something on the ground and called "ten minute rule" before he ate it. Looks like you had a really fun day