Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tonsil Update #1

Amy has requested a picture of the patient. Truth be told, I fully intended to include a photo of the sick boy in my last post. Strangely enough I never even posted the last post because I wasn't finished writing it. Mike bought a new computer a few weeks ago for school and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. It does strange things. And one of the strangest is that it won't allow me to post things on my blog anymore. So I have to write something and then Mike posts it from a computer at his work. Except for the tonsil post that wasn't ready for the reading public. That one our computer decided to post for me. So, thanks computer. If I weren't a sleep deprived, crazy person right now I would be scared of you.

Back to the picture. What my readers want, my readers get. I took a picture of Jake moments before they wheeled him away. I even tried to get a close up of the tonsils. Unfortunately, I took those pictures with my phone. If I could figure out how to get a picture from my phone to my computer I would put that up for you. But I think we all know those kinds of technological genes do not exist in my DNA. So, here is a picture a couple days after surgery. He was not feeling very well and refused to wear pants.

The day we spent in the hospital after surgery Jake was just so sweet. He literally had a smile on his face from the moment the nurse gave him his first popsickle. And the smile didn't leave his face until they woke him up at 1:15 in the morning to give him a dose of medicine. Well, that smile has since left his face and I can tell my boy isn't feeling so good. Looking back, I realize that smile was in place because A.) Jake was as hopped up on pain medicine as the Easter bunny at an egg farm and B.) Jake really likes to be waited on hand and foot with a bottomless supply of pudding and popsicles.

He did feel good enough this morning (or so he told me) to venture out of the house for the first time to go to a birthday party. I told him if he started feeling bad at all to tell me and we would leave. But honestly, Emma and I have been going stir crazy sitting in the house all week. We needed out. So we went to the party and Jake spent the better part of an hour torturing two baby ducks who were also there for the big event. He loved it. Emma made it into a swing post haste and refused to get out for the entire party. I think she felt shy in the large group of people. There goes me hoping she didn't inherit my wall flower DNA. Let me end this by telling you that after an hour Jake was ready to leave so we did. We went out and I got both kids in the car and threw my keys over into the driver seat so I could buckle the kids in. I'm not exactly sure what happened next but it goes something like this I think.

1.) Jake closed the back door that the kids had climbed into the car through.

2.) I closed the front door after throwing my keys into the driver seat.

3.) My keys, upon hitting the seat, locked all of the doors of the car. With the children in it. And me out of it. And the keys in it. Do you see where I'm going here?

After panicking briefly, I remembered that we had a spare key under the car somewhere. Have I mentioned that my back is out? Yeah, it is. So I had to crawl under the JEEP to find the spare key while in extraordinary pain. It was like watching a pencil try to do the limbo. But mama bear was in a panic to save her cubs and I really think if I had had to pull a door off with my teeth I could have probably done that.

So, I got the spare key but couldn't get it out of the little compartment it was in. I found another mama on her way out and asked her to watch my car with my kids in it while I did the walk of shame back into the party to find a man who was strong enough to rescue my spare key from the rusty, crusted over container it resided in. The kids were probably only in the car for five minutes. But I can guarantee you that Jake will remember this for the rest of his life and remind me of it. It will go something like this. "Hey mama, do you remember the time you locked us in the car with no air conditioning right after I had some organs removed and I was all hot and sweaty and possibly infected with Avian flu from handling a baby duck?"

And that my friends is why I am going to go ahead and remove my name from the "mother of the year" award list this year.


  1. I am confused. Why couldn't Jake have just opened the door from the inside? Maybe I didn't read closely enough. Also, he sorta looks like a Calvin Klein underwear model. Sorta.

  2. well crap. i didn't even think of that! he totally could have done that and now i feel like a huge idiot.

  3. Tell Jake that PePa and MeMa hope he gets an appitite now and starts gaining a little weight. We are glad the tonsils are out. Love, Mom

  4. My Mom locked my sister in the car when we were babies and we turned out fine...well at least my sister did! Hope he continues to feel better and your back too.