Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today's news

This morning I went to have my annual mammogram. I mention this only because when I got in the room the lady doing the mammogram was all upset that her dimmer light wasn't working. She told me they always dim the lights during this procedure to make their patients feel more comfortable. Of course! It wasn't the fact that she was smushing something that is supposed to be more balloon like down to something more pancake like. I felt uncomfortable because there was no mood lighting.

After my procedure I came home and picked up the family for a fun filled morning of errands. First, we got to watch Mike get his hair cut. Then we went to heaven on earth (Target) and did a little shopping. After a quick stop at Home Depot (but NOT Bed, Bath and Beyond!) we went to Subway to grab some sandwiches for lunch. Ya'll. The guy putting the veggies on the sandwiches was clearly a new employee. He was slower than everyone else and looked very nervous. That I can handle. However, he was also sweating. Profusely. Like, the sweat was beading up on his face and running down his nose. Dripping even. Seriously. I noticed it after he had made my sandwich and he was working on Mike's. I saw this big drop of sweat just hanging from the end of his nose and I was completely horrified. I could not look away. It was like watching a movie scene in slow motion or something. I was thinking how long can a drop of water essentially defy gravity and hang onto the tip of someone's nose?! I caught Mike's eye and nodded towards the guys nose. I think I had a horrified expression on my face. Mike and I could not look away. Now, the guy knew he was sweating and every so often he would turn his head and wipe his face on his sleeve. But this one drip did not make it to the sleeve. I saw it fall. I almost screamed. Mike told me that it hadn't landed on his sandwich and that nothing had landed on my sandwich but that he saw something land on the sandwich of the guy in front of me. Gross. I could be wrong but I don't think that sweat is one of the official dressing choices of Subway sandwich shops.

Now I've got the kids in bed and am waiting for Mike to get home from school. Think I'll go watch some Grey's Anatomy (I'm so ashamed I've gotten sucked back into that show this year!). And try to wipe from my brain all images of sweat soaked sandwiches and really flat pancakes.

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