Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zoos, WalMart and Jail

Today I got a brief, rare glimpse of what the future might be like with Jake and Emma Mae. After our morning walk they asked me to put this big toy car they have out in the backyard for them to play with. So I did and they played together for about two hours. Two hours. That is huge. They didn't cry. They didn't scream. Most importantly, they didn't need me for anything! I actually took a shower all by myself this morning. That is unheard of around here.

I got to worrying a little bit after the first hour because they were being so quiet and not having any arguments. I feared they were up to no good. But really, they had spent that whole time toting stuffed animals outside and setting up their very own zoo. Now how creative and cute is that??

Of course, I had to go and mess things up. I did the unmentionable and took the kids to WalMart with me. I absolutely had to go or we wouldn't have had dinner tonight. Emma Mae realized we were OUT IN PUBLIC and acted accordingly. She lost the privelage of walking through WalMart due to the fact that she was running up and down the aisles so she had to ride in the cart. Which, it seems, is a fate worse than being dipped in honey and rolled around in a fire ant mound. She was out of control.

Later at home, she had another complete melt down when I told her it was naptime. She kept screaming and screaming at me that she WAS NOT TIRED MUMMY!! And then I laid down with her in bed and she passed out for the next two hours. Oh, what a huge party I'm gonna throw when this child turns three.

I did get to have some quality one on one time with the little man today. He learned how to draw a face! This is great for Jake because until very recently he refused to even hold a crayon or pencil. I love these little moments with them when you actually feel like you are contributing to their growth and development and not just sheltering pod people.

On a side note, the two of them had the funniest conversation on our walk today. Jake was telling Emma Mae how he had gotten in trouble with his daddy last night. He told her that he got a thump on the head. And she started laughing and said that was kind of funny. To which he adamantly informed her that it was NOT FUNNY EMMA! And then he told her that their daddy was going to jail for thumping him.

These two crack me up every day. I can't wait to see how they change this year. And I hope their daddy stays out of jail so he can see it too.

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