Friday, September 30, 2011

Burritos, tacos and booty's, oh my!

Today I was able to get away for a little bit to spend some much needed time with my BFF. It seems like I don't get to see my friends much anymore so I really appreciate my hubby taking on the kids to let me get out.

Anyhow, I met Amy at Freebirds for lunch. This was our first experience with a Freebirds burrito and it did not disappoint. Very yummy. Also, very big. I'm still in awe and a bit embarrassed that I ate almost all of it. We got caught up, had some laughs, and I got some parenting advice. All in all a very good lunch.

Mike and I tried our hands at making carnitas for dinner tonight. I've never had carnitas so I don't know what they are supposed to taste like, but these tasted good. I will try them again. I got the recipe and idea from a fellow blogger and friend who said that they rocked. And they did. Thanks Suzanne! I was a bit concerned because we don't do much pork around here and I just wasn't sure I was going to like it. Especially because the recipe called for a pork shoulder roast but our little HEB here only carries pork booty roast. I asked the butcher if they had a pork shoulder in back somewhere and she just pointed at the pork booty and told me it was the same thing. Now, look. I'm a Biology major. I know there is, in fact, a difference between a shoulder and a booty. They are pretty far apart on a person's and a pig's body. They have different characteristics. I mean, one you sit on and one you use to lift and carry things. I know if I eat a pan full of brownies the calories are all going to go to my booty and not to my shoulder. So I didn't know if pork booty was going to be as good as pork shoulder. Let me tell you this. Pork booty is good. Especially if you cook it for four hours in some beef broth and chunky tomato salsa. Click here for the recipe.

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