Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I'm thinking about

1.) I finally read The Help. I know, I'm a little bit behind the band wagon. It is seriously the best book I've read in a long time. And now I want to get out my favorite book of all time To Kill a Mockingbird and read it again.

2.) I finally taught my son how to make up his bed. I was reading a favorite blog, Christian Mamas Guide about how this mama actually gives her small children chores to do every single day and if they complete those chores they get an allowance. If they don't do all the chores some of the allowance is taken away. I thought it was a great idea. So currently each day Jake is responsible for making his bed, putting away his toys at night and putting his shoes by his bed or in the closet every night. If you only knew how many mornings we've had to do a full house search for Jake's shoes you would understand my need for this chore. If he does everything every day for a week he gets $2. We're on a bit of a budget over here! Then he can save up his money to buy his own toys. Hallelujah.

3.) I was desperately trying to lose five pounds because I made a bet with my brother that whoever lost five pounds the quickest would be entitled to a movie ticket from the loser. Honestly, I lost the weight in a matter of days. However, as soon as I ate breakfast on the day I met my goal I gained back a pound. So I didn't count the win. And since then I have been on a quest to bake any and every chocolate chip recipe I can find. Which is somewhat counterproductive to losing weight. I'm hoping to start back up again before Christmas.

4.) I need serious prayer to just let my child experience his first soccer season without putting undo pressure on him. It's okay that snack time is his favorite part of soccer, right? It's okay that he didn't get around to kicking the ball much, right? It's okay that I want to start doing two a day soccer drills with him, right?

5.) I'm really liking the Pioneer Woman's cooking show. Now, I really want to be her friend. And stay at their lodge for the weekend.

6.) So glad the new TV line up has started for fall. I actually like Coach on Survivor this season. Miracles never cease. I also like the New Girl show. She is quirky and weird and I want to be her friend also. Maybe I should just work on making some more real friends, huh?

7.) At 2:30pm today, September 26th, it was 100 degrees in central Texas. What up with that, Texas?

8.) Does anyone else out there watch Justified? Am I the only person who thinks Raylan Givens is 100% man? Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights was too, but he got cancelled so I'm left with just Raylan. I realize that three of the things I'm thinking about right now all have to do with fictitious characters. I know I have a problem.

9.) This morning I couldn't find my wedding band or my two diamond rings given to me by my parents. They are all special to me. The two rings my parents gave me have diamonds from my mama's and my grandmother's old rings. They are really the only thing of value I own. I quizzed both kids and got no help. Emma Mae wasn't saying anything and Jake just accused Emma and made up two stories of how she had taken my rings and hidden them either in his closet or down my bathroom sink. He also said she needed to go to jail. I also noticed that our front door was unlocked when I woke up this morning. Mike always locks it when he leaves for work. So I put two and two together and figured out that someone broke into our house in the thirty minutes before I woke up and after Mike left for work, without waking up the big barking dog, and stole my rings while leaving everything else in our house untouched. Turns out what really happened was that Emma Mae stole my rings and hid them in the couch cushions. Imagine.

10.) I got nothin else. Peace out.

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