Saturday, October 1, 2011

Soccer and coffee cake

Today was the Panthers second soccer game. They were great. I think the game ended up in a tie but as Jake's coach told them "they were all winners" so I'm not sure who really won the game. Jake is having so much fun. He is a little out to lunch on the field but I'm trying to be okay with that. Also, he started doing some very weird sort of chicken run today that is very unlike his natural run. We think he's having equipment malfunction of some sort. He's so short that his shin guards cover almost his entire leg and we think they are bothering him when he runs. I want to make him a t-shirt that says something of this sort so that other people won't make fun of him. I have issues.

Mike is a wonderful daddy and arranged to have Saturday morning off from work so he could come to the rest of Jake's games. Praise God. Because I need someone to keep me in check too and remind me that this is just a game. A four and five year old game. Although there are two kids on this team who could probably go pro next year. But they have probably had a bit more practice and they probably don't feel like they're running on stilts. I'm just sayin'. Enjoy it now, Max and Diego. You just wait until Jake grows into those shin guards!

Jake did make two goals today. Of course, they were both in the pre-game warm up. And there was nobody else playing or defending the goal or anything. But he made those two goals, threw his hands up in the air, jumped up and down and said "yahoo!" He was so proud. I love it.

This is what Emma Mae does during the games.

I tried another new recipe tonight I want to tell you about. It's actually a breakfast food, but it took several hours to bake so we ate it for dessert. It's a lemon pull apart bread that I found on pinterest last week. Normally, I don't do recipes that look like they're going to take a long time. Especially if they use words like "meanwhile" in them. But this looked so good I had to give it a try. And it really turned out good too. Very lemony and not too sweet. It would be good for a brunch or shower or something. Here's the link to the recipe.


  1. Yay for Jake!!! I am glad Emma sits in a chair for the game. Bevin runs around like crazy. I looked up for a split second on Saturday to see Liam play and in doing so took my eyes off her and when I looked back down she was already half way across the field! And can you come bake for me this week, I have to donate something to a teacher lunch and you make such yummy stuff

  2. I love the way Jake looks in his soccer uniform. It looks like his shin guards are longer than his legs. I bet he is the fastest one on the team. Emma does look so relaxed. I dreamed about them last night. I guess it made me sleep good. Your Dad had already gotten up and eaten breakfast and read the paper when I got up. Love. Mom

  3. Isn't soccer at this age great? I hope you are getting lots of video!!!

  4. Cathy-that is hilarious. For me anyway, you probably didn't think it was too funny. And I would love to bake something for you so you should really move to Texas, okay?

  5. you living there would make me want to live in Texas.