Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bouncy house visit

On Tuesday I took the kids to a bouncy house to play for awhile. We were the only ones there for the first thirty minutes. It was heaven! They had so much fun. I took the opportunity to try to figure out my new camera. I'm still learning.

Look at this cool feature that lets you turn your photo into a drawing!

We had a fun time right up until Emma Mae peed all over the tile floor. She NEVER has accidents. But the two times she has had them they have been in very public places. The other time was at our neighbors house at their one year old's birthday party. We were all out in the backyard and looked over just in time to see her peeing all over their brand new playscape. What a way to make an impression! I'm glad no one had a camera out then to capture that particular moment.


  1. Love your pics and seeing a birthday gift getting well loved. I hope that Jake notices quickly if he needs to potty because he's got quite a teardown to get to his skivies....


  2. yes ma'am! i need to learn to sew because the costume has a few rips in it now and he actually lost the mask. might have to purchase a new one for Halloween. he seriously wears it every day. usually underneath two or three layers of clothes.

  3. It was probably all that bouncing. I have a similar problem with bouncing after having 3 kids.! Looks like a super fun place.