Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, tuesday

Our air conditioner decided to take a leave of absence Thursday evening. I think it was feeling under appreciated. After all, it has kept us cool through 100 days of 100plus degree weather this year. And we hadn't said thank you or bought it anything nice lately. Also, a bird committed suicide inside of the unit. We finally got someone to come out and fix it yesterday afternoon. Evidently, air conditioner repairmen don't do weekends. And really, what are the odds that someone in central Texas might need AC assistance on a weekend? I'm sure we're the only ones. Fortunately, we got a little cool front in over the weekend that kept our house a toasty 85 degrees instead of an unbearable 103. In fact, I think we all got used to the warmer inside temps because after he fixed it yesterday Emma Mae woke up from her nap saying "mummy, I soooo cold!" And this crazy wet stuff fell from the sky for about four hours on Sunday. I believe it is called rain and I believe we are very grateful for it.

Today, I took Jake and Emma Mae to run errands with me which is their very favorite thing on earth. They were pretty good while we were out so we made a pit stop at the pumpkin patch and I let them pick out some little pumpkins for themselves. When we got home they promptly got out the markers and stickers and decorated their pumpkins. We also made not one but two trips to the park today. And those kids were still full of energy at bedtime. I am not. I feel like the AC must have felt last week. Here are some pics from the day.

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