Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dolphins and words

Sunday night I had a date night with Jake. I took him to see Dolphin Tale. He was so proud to be going on a "date." He kept saying that we were on a date and that dates were for boys and girls. Mike put the idea of popcorn in his head before we left so I had to spring for a kids snack pack when we got there. It came with the longest piece of Laffy Taffy I have ever seen. It must have been two feet long. And Jake ate every single inch of it before the movie even started. Then he polished off his popcorn and Sprite halfway through the movie.

We went to a six o'clock showing so we didn't get out until after eight which is pretty late for Jake. He was so hyped up on Laffy Taffy, popcorn, and sheer dolphin love that he was bouncing off the car walls on the way home. I kid you not he was talking a mile a minute. I didn't even know half of what he was saying. Turns out he didn't either. At one point I heard him say something like "mama! I squashed it! I don't even know what squash is, what am I saying?" Then he kept telling me that he was killing bugs that were trying to eat him and that he had a small fire coming off of his lips from the spicy (salty) popcorn he ate. He was hilarious. I plan on stalking up on Laffy Taffy for sheer entertainment purposes on days when I'm bored.

The movie was fantastic. It was nice to see a movie about a dolphin and watch my boy show the sheer joy of the same animal I love so much. We talked through the whole thing about dolphins. I'm sure our fellow movie goers loved us. At one point Jake actually cheered and said "I just love this movie!" It was also cool to be able to show him the amputees in the movie and try to explain to him that his daddy wants to make "cool legs and arms" for people that need them. We will definitely see it again.

On a side note, if you did not read Big Mama today you should do so. She was talking about a word cemetery that her daughter's teacher created for words that are totally over used. I just noticed that I wanted to use every single one of them in this post. Several times. In the comment section of her blog she asked people to put what words in the English language they would like to bury. Of course, I said the "p" word that means underwear. I was happy to see so many people agreed with me about that word! I've been led to believe over the years that there is something wrong with me for hating that word. Well. I'm here to say that I am normal. Several people also hated that word. Also, words like scab, epic and moist. In fact, so many people were disturbed by moist that I'm starting to not like it either. Unless you're describing a brisket in which case moist is great! But if you were to combine the moist word with the "p" word I would be completely disgusted and I would have to go live with the dolphins in the wet ocean where they only speak in whistles and clicks.

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