Friday, October 28, 2011

Spectacular Spiderman

The best gift Jake has ever received is this Spiderman costume my friend Katha gave him for his birthday last year. He has made use of it more than anything else he owns-with the exception of his beloved crab.

I think it is hilarious that he needs to cover it up with clothes when he's being SpiderMan's alter ego Peter Parker. He seriously thinks no one will know he is Spiderman if he has a short sleeve shirt and shorts on over it.

Yesterday, he dressed it up with a hat so he could wear the mask but still be incognito. We went to the park with him dressed like that. Surprisingly, some of the children there recognized him as Spider Man despite the disguise. He was called upon to fight evil and save the park from the bad guys. He did not fail. Except when some older boys pulled a toy shot gun and a toy knife on him and scared the heck out of him and made him cry. Seriously? You let your child bring these things to the park?? Of course, their mama's were probably thinking, "seriously? you let your child dress like that out in public?"

Spidey loves to play at the park.

Emma Mae declined to play the role of Mary Jane and went about her business all by herself. These two crack me up every single day.


  1. I LOVE that Leo and Max gave that costume to Jake! I adore when toys are loved to death and it looks as if this costume soon will be. Miss you so much. What are y'all doing tomorrow? Wanna punkin carve? - Katha