Monday, February 2, 2009

All by herself

Remember Itchy? We had to relocate him. I'm kind of sad about it. Not that I really miss him or anything, but I feel sorry for him and Scratchy. They were siblings raised together from little hatched eggs after all. Scratchy has been hiding under a rock looking forlorn ever since he left. Mike was afraid they were about to start a little family together and didn't want to go through the hassle of having forty eggs laid every few weeks so he called up his brother and managed to get Itchy a new home.

Mike keeps telling me that they're just lizards and they don't have a memory or feelings. But I really think most animals have feelings. And I think Scratchy's feelings are hurt right now. Yesterday, she finally came out from under her rock after I sat there talking to her telling her how pretty she is. I hope she's going to be okay. They spent a lot of time cuddling up to each other. Of course, Itchy spent a lot of time stepping on her and pushing her off the rock. But that's the sort of thing brothers do. And in retaliation, Scratchy may have pooped on Itchy a few times but little sisters have a right to stand up for themselves every now and then. I wish I had thought of that tactic growing up. It probably would have eliminated all of the surprise attacks and spinning toe holds from my brother.

Anyways, at least we know he's in a good home and if the little guys stay depressed maybe we can talk Matt into taking Scratchy as well!

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