Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bunny Alert

The Easter Bunny did strike at our house on Sunday. The kids were a little confused at first, but they warmed up to the idea. We had a nice Easter Sunday. I'm sad to say I did not take the kids to church. We go almost every Sunday but the Easter crowds make me really anxious. Almost as anxious as I would be if I found a big, white bunny in my living room one day dropping off candy. I tried to do the "church at home" thing and got out Jake's Bible to read him the Easter story. First of all, it wasn't even in his Bible. What's that about? So then I just told him the story of how Jesus died on the cross to save us and he kept interrupting me saying "when do we get to the Easter part?" Clearly, he was expecting the story to have a bunny and candy in it. We have much work to do around here. We had a little egg hunt out in our backyard and the kids were VERY excited about that.

Isn't she sassy? Do you see how she picked an egg that matches the straps on her shirt? That's my girl! Accessorizing is everything. Even when it comes to eggs.


  1. It does take a while for them to get what Easter is really about. I do love how your little one accessorizes! :)

  2. We did not go to church either if it makes you feel better. My kids act Horrid while we were there and I have been sooo stressed lately I could not do it. Liam would be jealous of the lightening Mcqueen basket:)