Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leafy Green Update

Okay, so yesterday was a breeze. The food was good and I didn't have to smell meat so all was well. I am finding that I miss protein. I have to make sure I eat a hard boiled egg or some peanut butter a couple times a day or I end up feeling a little light headed and hungry. What are some other good protein options? I'm not a big nut fan but almonds are acceptable.

I have to say I was a little diappointed with the Springy Shells recipe I tried tonight. It was just lacking something. I felt like it needed a creamy sauce or something. And of course I forgot to cut the recipe in half so I've got many leftovers sitting in the refrigerator.

Although I didn't mean for this to be a real weight loss program I have lost two pounds already so that's good. The main thing is that even though I'm not officially denying myself junk food, just meat, I don't really want to eat the junk after I've eaten so many veggies and fruits in a day. Go figure. Three days down. Eleven to go.

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