Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Puppy Love

Emma and Brady are developing a very special friendship. She likes him because he's soft and fluffy and he likes her because she puts things in his mouth. Contrary to some things I may have written about Brady in the past, he actually is a pretty smart puppy. He knows that if one of the children has recently eaten then odds are they still have food stuck to their bodies somewhere. He lays down by the table during meals looking for food that's been thrown or "dropped". He follows Emma around right after a meal waiting for things to fall out of her hair and clothing.

The other morning, I had fed the kids and was finally sitting down to eat my own breakfast. Emma kept walking up to me begging for food. So, I was giving her pieces of my toast. She would squeal, walk off and be back five seconds later looking for more. Eventually, I realized that she couldn't be eating the toast that fast. That's when I heard some very loud, heavy licking and chomping going on from the other side of the table. So the next time I gave Emma a piece of toast I watched her walk over and shove it in Brady's mouth and then both of them just smiled sooo big. Well, no more toast for Emma. Instead, I gave her a doggie treat to give to Brady. She sat right down on the floor in front of me and ate it. I don't think Brady was too pleased.

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