Thursday, April 1, 2010

A little bit of catch up

The last two weeks have been a blur. We had a good spring break. We didn't go out of town or anything but I managed to take the kids to a different park almost every day which was nice. I LOVED having what seemed like a longer than normal winter this year, but it is nice to have the weather warming up so we can get outside some.

Mike and I even managed a date night together to help a sweet friend of ours celebrate her birthday. We all went hiking on the greenbelt and then met some of her other friends out for dinner. I can't tell you how much it means to be able to get out with Mike without the kids every now and then. It doesn't happen often but I always appreciate those days when we get them.

We were illness free around here for about two weeks which means of course that we were due for another round of the ickies. Emma came down with a fever on Saturday and stayed sick for about two days. I came down with a fever and chills on Sunday and stayed REALLY sick for about two days. Now, I'm just a little bit sick. And then Jake came down with a fever while we were at school on Wednesday so we had to leave early yet again. I'm lucky to have the job I have with an understanding boss because it seems like I've missed so many days this semester because someone is ALWAYS sick!

Anyway, Mike and I have been trying to get our yard finished in between illnesses. I've picked so many weeds in the last two weeks I could probably get a license as a professional gardener or something. We're hoping to have our garden up and running sometime in the next week. I'll post pictures as soon as we're done. I love the thought of going out in the backyard to pick our own veggies. I also love the fact that we can toss anything we don't eat right there into the composter and use it to fertilize with later. GO GREEN!

Speaking of going green, my doctor suggested that I should try the "Leafy Green Challenge" for the next two weeks to boost my immune system. She also thinks I should put the kids on it. Basically, she wants me to give up all animal products for two weeks in favor of mostly veggies. Of course, I could always throw in some fruits and whole grains. I have to admit I don't hate the idea. I don't love it either because I really love meat. I believe that if God didn't want us to eat the animals he put here on this planet then He would have made them all taste like cockroaches. I've never eaten a cockroach but I imagine they taste bad.

My main problem with this challenge is that I'm not sure what I would eat. I think I could cover breakfast with things like cereal and soymilk or oatmeal with toast. I would be fine with a salad for lunch. But what would I do about dinner? No meat or cheese for dinner? The idea flabbergasts me. Any ideas? Anyone out there willing to join me for a two week experiment?


  1. so happy you 2 joined us for my b-day. i think i may join you for the challenge. my immune system is a mess. can i still have coffee?

  2. ok so i just finished a month eating vegetarian just to see how i felt and if i liked it better. (ok if i lost a little weight then that would be a plus too). it was easier than i thought. or course you are talking going vegan and that is another beast all together.

    i did notice when i was eating no meat that there is lots of stuff in your regular grocery store for vegans and vegetarians. i bought the meatless meat one night and made tacos. they were pretty good. i think you could do it for two weeks if you used substitute products. it would be more expensive but hey, if you boost your immune system then it is worth it.


  3. i think i'm gonna try it.

    mentanna, did you lose any weight?

    katha, yes coffee is allowed as is my daily coke zero!

  4. yep, 5 pounds! i found that i ate a lot less. also, i had to make good choices at restaurants and i think that helped a ton.

    no coke!

    do it!