Thursday, April 15, 2010

I can't believe it's butter!

So, I saw on another blog the other day that you can make your own butter. Of course you can. I just never thought about doing it. I thought Jake might get a kick out of it so we gave it a try. You just start out by pouring some heavy cream into a container with a secure lid. Then you shake it up. It helps if you have an assistant to shake for you.

Of course, your assisant may or may not get tired of shaking after thirty seconds and declare that he is SO tired. And then he may leave you alone with your container of cream while he goes to torture the guy who is in your house trying to install your new satellite TV because Time Warner Cable has made you mad for the LAST time.

Don't let any of that bother you. Just keep shaking. Just keep shaking. Eventually, you'll make whip cream!

Just when you think your arms are going to fall off, just when you think you're going to quit, don't. That's when you'll notice things sound different in the container you are shaking. That's when the magic happens. You'll see butter forming and a liquid separating from it. (It took me about thirty minutes.)

Get yourself a strainer to pour off the liquid. You'll be left with solid gold. Butter!

And it's really tasty! Go ahead and give some to your assistant who abandoned you when things got challenging. You may need him someday when you're old.


  1. That is neat. I am laughing at Jake though since it is reminding me of Sean. Right now anytime Sean has to do any type of academic work he literally writes one letter or word and then needs to take a breather:) Such work ethic. LOL

  2. If you want to try somthing different then you could always add honey to it, I have made butter alot and it is really good. and another cool thing to try iis walnut butter, add some sugar and walnuts(and if you want to (which i always do)add HONEY!!)

  3. I used to do that with my class. I used baby food jars and I made them keep shaking. They could only stop if their arm actually fell off. When they were through, we'd spread it on crackers and have a snack.