Monday, April 19, 2010

The Leafy Green Challenge is Over!

Well, I made it. Actually, we made it. My dad and I survived two weeks eating mostly salads and veggies and no meat. Okay, I have to confess I did cave on Saturday afternoon. Only because I met a friend at Chick Fil-A and I had to have a chicken sandwich. And it was good. But I'm still proud of myself. I didn't think I would last a week without meat. It was surprisingly easy to do. And as much as I thought I would be craving a big cheeseburger tonight, I'm really not.

What I am craving almost every day now is my big salad at lunchtime. When I deviate from that I notice I just don't feel the same. So, here are the facts about my meatless experience.

1.) I lost two pounds in two weeks. Not bad. I actually lost three the first week but gained one back after my body realized what was going on.

2.) Veggies are good.

3.) It is freeing to make a trip to the grocery store and totally bypass the meat section.

4.) I made many more trips to the grocery store each week to get fresh produce.

5.) I will not die without meat in my diet.

6.) I still love meat. However, we will be going meatless one or two days a week from now on. Ditching the meat forces me to eat more veggies which makes me feel good.

7.) I don't feel guilty about eating meat. I do feel guilty about eating meat that came from animals who were treated inhumanely in life or death.

8.) Still trying to figure out how you know how the animals were treated. I know you're supposed to buy free range chicken and eggs but what about beef?

9.) I wish all this greener, more organic, more conscientious food decision living were cheaper.

10.) Still debating whether I'll have a cheeseburger or a baked sweet potato and some asparagus for dinner tonight!

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  1. Good For You!!!!
    And yes, I second the wishing organic would be cheaper.