Friday, April 9, 2010

Wildflowers Everywhere!

The bluebonnets are out here in central Texas which means you have to take your kids out and sit them in a field of them somewhere for a good photo op. I think it's the law here. It's a good thing we're not known for killer bees or quicksand or something. Because those photos would be a bit tricky.

We finally found a small patch near our house where we could get out safely and not worry about being run over. The best patches of flowers seem to be right by the highway for some reason. Unfortunately, our kids weren't the best subjects around. I guess toddlers don't think it's exciting to sit still in a bunch of flowers.


  1. TOTALLY CUTE! love it! so beautiful!

  2. Sure wish we could be there. The bluebonnets are beautiful, but our grandkids are more beautiful. Love, Mom