Saturday, July 24, 2010


Disclaimer: Following is a picture of a big,hairy spider. Laura S., I think you should stop reading now. Seriously, Laura, step away from the blog.

Mike found this guy in our backyard two days ago. Could it be? Monster, is that really you? I'm not sure because he looks a little bit bigger than I remember him. But, I suppose he could have been eating really well since he moved out of the garage. And he did wave two of those legs at me when I took his picture. I'm gonna say it's Monster. I'm so happy! My monster came home.

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  1. Hi, Kim. I just stumbled upon your blog-- as I was looking at my own blog, and happened to have accidently hit the "next blog" button... But then I started reading, and I happened to scroll down-- I shouldn't have. HOLY COW, girl!!! That is the largest thing (I can't even say what it is...I'm that scared) I have ever seen. ew. ew. ew. blech.

    anyway- nice to "meet" you! :) Have a great day!