Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Breeze Makes me Feel Fine!

We have been having more fun this week! Yesterday, my friend Katha brought her adorable boys over and we headed out to our neighborhood pool. The kids had the most fun playing in the little splash park! Emma tried to give me multiple coronaries by jumping off the side of the pool and making me chase her all over the place. Jake, praise God, was pretty content to doggy paddle by himself and play with his "best friend" "L". It is very hard to watch both kids by yourself. You pretty much have to one on one them at the pool. Katha had her hands full too but the morning was a success. We finished off the playdate with a little Sonic for lunch courtesy of my sweet friend. I haven't had to scavenge for food in three days because of everyone's kindness!

Anyway, here are the boys.

And the babies. Don't you just want to squish baby "M"'s thighs and kiss his belly?

And Katha with Miss Em.

And I tried to get an action shot at the splash pad.

Have we discussed my abilities as a photographer? I believe we have. I've decided that as soon as I publish a book and ride to the bottom of the ocean in some cool submersible I want to be a photographer. Looks like I have a ways to go, huh?

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