Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random thoughts

Yesterday was just a fun day. The kids and I met Amy and her boy at the local Y to go swimming. I love our neighborhood pool but the pool at the Y is even more little kid friendly and Jake and Emma had the best time. We stayed for two and a half hours which just never happens. My sweet friend even brought us all lunch to eat while we were there. I was so grateful because frankly, we are just about out of food. And I am refusing to go to the store until pay day unless it's for milk or chocolate.

The kids were worn out when we got home and both took good naps. Then, Cheryl and Alan got in touch with us to say they were going to be in the area and asked to take us out to dinner! We always love seeing them. So thank you to our friends and family for feeding us yesterday. I hope to return the favor soon!

On another note, my friend Mel is working with some kids at a summer camp. They have started a blog of all of their adventures and she asked me to post the link to it for people to read. She's hoping if people leave comments for the kids it will motivate them to keep up with the blog. So, if you have a minute can you check it out? And leave a comment for them?! All they need is some positive reinforcement. Here's the link.



  1. Thanks for putting up the website! The kids are doing a great job with the site, the more people that get to see it the better! I am trying to get them to understand just how many people from all over the country may read and comment on their blog.

  2. do you have the site meter button on it? if you put that on there the kids can see the cities and countries of everyone that looks at it!