Monday, October 25, 2010

Five Years!

Saturday was our five year wedding anniversary. A couple of months ago I thought I would try to surprise Mike with a get away for just the two of us. So I looked into some hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area and realized that we just don't have the money to get away right now. Besides, his days off from work are Thursday and Friday which means we would have to find someone to come watch the kids for us on a week night and who wants to do that?

But my hubby isn't as easily defeated as I am. He was also looking to surprise me with a little get away. But he actually took Saturday off of work so we could go on a Friday night and arranged for my sister and niece to come watch the kids for us. Woo-hoo! He also saved some of his birthday money to fund the trip. Isn't that sweet? And his sweet daddy bought us a hotel room on Padre Island for the night.

We were very excited to get away. We haven't been on a "vacation" since Jake was born. Furthermore, we are both ocean people. And neither one of us had seen the beach since we left Cali four and a half years ago. So when my sister told us she was taking Friday off of work so we could have more time away, we were thrilled! We love the kids. But, we were in serious need of some adult time.

Mike busted out my anniversary gift as soon as I got in the car. I was so happy! Look! Rick Springfield's autobiography. My hubby knows me well. I did not know Rick as well as I thought. He has led quite the life of a rock star. I got Mike the Iron Man Two movie. He was dying to have it. So much for the traditional gift of wood for your five year mark.

We made it to the beach around 2:30 on Friday and checked into our hotel. Here we are with the dolphins in the lobby.

We made it out to the beach with enough sunlight to spare for a couple hours. Unfortunately, there was also a LOT of wind. It was windy with an extra side of wind. But we were undeterred. We frolicked and played in the very choppy waves for quite some time and then went to the pool to dry off in the sun.

Tune in tomorrow for the final installment of road trip one-we finally got away from the kids for a moment!


  1. congrats on your much needed time away. and happy anniversary. i will say though that rick ain't looking so good. he looks like he has led the wild, rock star life. can we still be friends even though i said that?

  2. aww, mentanna, i still think he's hot! you have to remember he's about 60 yrs old now. but yes, we are still friends.

  3. happy anniversary! so glad you could get away, it's the best! and what good helpers you had. i heard about rick's new book a few weeks ago and totally thought of you and wondered if you'd get it. :)