Friday, October 8, 2010

Parenting 101

The last few weeks we've noticed that Jake has gotten exceptionally wild. To the point where we think medication might be in order. I know he's a three year old boy but does this mean he has to be in perpetual motion? And the talking! Oh, the talking. From sun up to sun down.

I had a conversation with another mommy at church last week that made me think about our daily routine. I used to make sure that we were doing some sort of mama/child activity every day. But since Emma has gotten older and more mobile it seems harder to have individual time with the kids. And doing things together seems to always lead to a fight between brother and sister.

Anyway, I started to realize that maybe Jake is getting wilder because he has too much time on his hands. So, I busted out some bowls and pasta the other day and set the kids up in the playroom. I thought they would have fun digging around in the pasta and they could scoop it from bowl to bowl. They didn't really enjoy it. What they did enjoy was busting out the art supplies and gluing the pasta onto their pictures. Amy's mother in law gave us this cute little wooden table and chairs that the kids love sitting at. Aren't they adorable? So, now I'm looking for more little activities to do with them each day. Any suggestions?


  1. Check this out...

    They post daily crafts that are pretty easy. You can even have them emailed or linked to your site. :)