Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Go Colts! (you too, Cowboys)

Being that Mike used to live in Kansas City he is an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan. He looks forward to football season beginning in February. His Chiefs have been pretty bad the last few years, but this year they are looking really good. He's happy so I'm happy. Let's not get into a conversation about my Cowboys and how every year they're supposed to be so good that it will be their year to go to the Super Bowl and then they choke and don't make it.

Let's just talk about the Chiefs. Because I love my husband I have become a fan of the Chiefs as well. Call it fan by association. Or second hand fan. I don't really care what you call it. The point is that it brings peace and harmony to our lives when we can cheer for each other's teams.

However, there are two cases in which I cannot cheer for the Chiefs. One is if they are playing the Cowboys. Even when the Cowboys are hopeless, I still have to have hope in them. It is better to have loved and lost in football loyalty than never to have loved (and been heartbroken) at all. The other is if the Chiefs are playing the Colts. Let's face it. I love me some Peyton Manning. Even when he plays the Cowboys I secretly wish him a good game. That's devotion.

So, today the inevitable is happening. The Chiefs are playing the Colts. Mike is so cute in his hope that his team will pull off another win and remain undefeated. I am fierce in my loyalty to Peyton and I hope that he crushes the Chiefs beneath all of their tomahawk tomfoolery.

Someone else around here feels the same as me. Look at Minnie Me. She already has good taste in quarterbacks!

She might become quite the little slugger someday if she ever figures out how to hold the bat correctly!

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