Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend goings on

This morning I got the crew dressed and ready and we headed off to Amy's son's birthday party. The weather is gorgeous right now. She had the party at a park near their house and it was so nice just to be outside for awhile without sweating off five pounds of water weight. I actually wore jeans! That's been unheard of for the last five months. I always enjoy seeing her family. My maiden name is Fariss so ever since Ferris Beuller's Day off came out in the eighties, Amy's brothers have called me Beuller. I'm not sure they even know my real name anymore. Anyway, I secretly look forward to seeing them so they can bust out that nick name on me.

"J" is so cute and so big now! Six years old. Jake told me that he felt special being invited to the party. I think he was a little intimidated by the bigger kids there but he did eventually mingle a little bit. They especially liked playing on this big iron wagon in the park. Amy had a big parachute that was also a pretty big hit.

Emma thought it was super fun to go under the parachute. Emma also thought it was super fun to drink from her first juice box.

And she had quite a bit of fun with her chocolate cupcake.

Here's the party crew watching the birthday boy open his presents. I know. My ability to photograph mob scenes is unbelievable! The boy of honor is the cute little blondie in the middle.

Happy Birthday J!

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  1. Thanks for coming. Wish I could have talked to you more!