Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'll get by with a little help from Rick and Starbucks

Last Tuesday morning I woke up exhausted and grumpy. The night before I had been up with Emma cleaning up all sorts of unmentionable things while she exorcised the demon virus that had been invading her tummy. I got maybe four hours of sleep. That is unacceptable. So when Jake came strolling into the bedroom around 6:30am I really did NOT want to get out of bed. Like, for the rest of the day.

But, I did. Because for some reason we forgot to order the kind of little kids that are self sufficient. Next time, I'll know better. The kids we have need me to feed them and watch after them and stuff. Anyway, I knew some caffeine was going to be in order to keep me awake until naptime. Just as I was dragging myself to the shower to get ready for my Starbucks run I heard the most amazing thing on TV. Robin Roberts on Good Morning America was telling me that Rick Springfield was in the studio that morning! And he was there to promote his new book! I didn't even know he had a new book! I was just so happy. Suddenly, I was awake and alert and ready to make it through the day. Even his talk of teenage suicide and infidelity couldn't get me down. I just LOVE me some Rick Springfield. Some day I'm gonna get on his Rick Springfield and Friends cruise and then I will be able to die. And you better believe I'll have a pink heart shaped poster with me with his name written on it in black marker.

To sum up, all I need to make it through a day on virtually no sleep is a little Rick fix and a little caffeine fix. Thank you God for both.


  1. Oh Kim... I love you, but I am soo disappointed in you. I knew weeks ago he had a new book out. I knew I should have just bought and mailed it to you. Start saving all your extra change, in a few years you will have enough for the cruise!

  2. mel, i cannot WAIT for you to have small children. then you too can live in the land of the hazy and uninformed!

  3. This is precisely why I CAN'T have children! Someone has to keep everyone else informed. :)

  4. you are so funny! glad your day looked brighter.