Saturday, April 28, 2012


This morning I took the kids to meet Katha and her boys at an art festival in Austin. She is my hero. I knew that the festival was taking place today but I wasn't about to take the kiddos by myself because, well, it just seems so hard. But Katha never lets feeling like that stop her. So, I put on my big girl pants and we went. And it was so much fun! Home Depot totally rocks. They must have been sponsors of the festival because they had so many things set up for the kids to do. There was a play pit with big foam shapes to build with:
An area to sit down and paint flower pots and then plant a flower in them. The kids could pick out kits to assemble and paint right there also:
They had an area where kids could grab hammers(YIKES!) and nails(REALLY?!) and hammer to their hearts content. Luckily, Jake lost interest in this the first time he whacked my thumb with the hammer. Oddly enough, I also lost interest at that point. But the kids loved this little slide made out of a big black tube and they enjoyed painting all of the wooden structures that were set up.
The big event of the day though was the Biscuit Brothers. We used to watch their show but I wasn't sure the kids would even remember who they were. Jake did. He loved them. Let me tell you, the Biscuit Brothers totally rock. They're fun and silly and entertaining and they were free! In fact, everything was free. What a great day!

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