Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's been awhile!

Oh, it's been so long since I did anything on this blog I don't know where to start. I think a list would be appropriate.

1.) Last Friday Mike and I took Jake up to the school he will be attending next year to sign him up for Kindergarden. How did this happen already?? He was so excited to go and did really well talking to the teacher who did his assessment. She said that he is "primed and ready" for school. The only thing she suggested we work on is writing with lower case letters although I think writing everything in capitals brings a certain EXCITEMENT to your work. Jake can't wait to start school and ride the bus. He is a little concerned about the school mascot though. It seems he's scared of eagles. We'll have to work on that seeing as how he'll be a screaming eagle for the next six years.

2.) Speaking of Jake, I finally taught him how to blow his nose about two weeks ago. Until then, if you handed him a tissue and told him to blow he would suck up instead. Well. He was sitting on the couch one day and I was in the bathroom when I hear him yell "MAMA! I need you." So I go to him and he tells me that something is in his nose. Upon further questioning, I discovered that he had indeed shoved an air soft gun b.b. up each nostril. One had fallen out on its own. One was still stuck up there. So I told him he could either blow it out or we could go visit the good doctors at urgent care and have it surgically removed. Magically, he was able to focus on my directions for blowing this time and he took care of the problem himself.

3.) Last weekend I got to go on a much needed girls weekend with my friends Sharon and Eva to Dallas. Cheryl brought Katie over to our house to spend the weekend so she could take care of the kids while Mike was at work. I experienced 48 hours of kid free time and was able to relax, shop, eat, eat and eat for the first time in a very long time. God bless Ann Taylor Loft outlet stores and time spent with girls who make you laugh! I really needed the break, but I was so ready to get back home to my little family. Emma Mae rewarded me with a 30 minute tantrum because I told her she had to wear shoes to the park. She did not WANT to wear shoes and, in fact, she then lost control of her legs and lost the ability to walk or even stand up on her own two feet. She told me all she could do was roll. But instead of thinking about maybe pouring myself a glass of wine I just went back in my head to Dallas and was able to ride out the wave of Emma's temper. Rock and roll.

4.) My sweet hubby spent the weekend doing some yard improvements. He stained the fence and built a pretty little box for our new vines to live in. I love him!

5.) I guess there is no five. I felt like I had a lot to say, but I think that's it. Peace out!

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