Friday, April 27, 2012

Fishing poles and sleeping bags

This morning we loaded up the kids and headed off to the YMCA. We have one month left on our membership and we intend to use it. Mike took the kids swimming while I got in a much needed yoga class. I worked really hard because I fully intend to not split the booty on any more of my pants this year.
(I think something has hijacked my blog because for the last week no matter how many paragraphs I write, when I publish the post it all jumbles up into one huge monologue. The only way to break up paragraphs is to throw in random photos.) After a little quiet time this afternoon we all went over to Cabela's to see if they would make good on a new fishing pole for Jake. Mike's dad buys him a pole every time he comes to visit. It usually takes Jake about five minutes alone with the fishing pole to destroy it. So the last time Marty bought him a pole he also bought the insurance to go with it. Know what? Totally good investment. Cabela's gave us a brand new fishing pole no questions asked. We also bought each one of the kids their very own sleeping bags because we have big news. We're going on our first family camping trip in about three weeks. We're all very excited about it. Mike and I haven't been camping since I was pregnant with Jake. The kids are super excited because their sleeping bags are camo print and they are convinced that no monsters will be able to see them.
I sit here typing this outside on our new wicker bench in the backyard. This has become my favorite place in the house. I really like sitting out here in the mornings with a cup of coffee while I watch the butterflies flit around the flowers and enjoy the hummingbirds zooming through the yard. When did I become this way? I sound like I'm 65.
Speaking of old, my sweet daddy had eye surgery today. Please keep him in your prayers. He has to spend the next 72 hours with his head down. They had to rent a special chair for him and everything. The next three days are going to be pretty weird for him. And I was totally kidding about the old part daddy. I was hoping to make you smile. Assuming you can even read this blog with your head down.

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