Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Sunday morning we got up and I made breakfast for Mike before he had to go to work while the kids searched through their Easter baskets. I love how excited they get about these things. Jake was beside himself with joy over the angry bird the Easter Bunny left him. I got the kids dressed up in their Easter clothes and went to church at my friend Leslie's church. The service was nice and it was nicer still to sit by a friend on Easter.

We came home and the kids asked me approximately every three minutes if they could have a piece of candy. I made a brisket for dinner along with PW's brie stuffed mushrooms (yum!) and some pineapple/coconut cupcakes because we are really short on junk food around here. After dinner, Mike hid eggs in the backyard and the kids went on an Easter egg hunt. Again, it was so funny how excited they were over this.

They refuse to act normally when the camera comes out.

Don't mind the black marks on the wall behind Jake. That's what happens when Mike barbecues chicken.

I remember my dad used to take Easter pictures of my siblings and I in front of a tree in our backyard. So I tried to recreate that memory with our kids. Now I'm thinking of giving up taking pictures of Emma Mae. We'll try again later when she's four.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! I tried to enforce the true meaning of the holiday to the kids. Not sure they got it though. Now, Emma Mae seems to think that Jesus came from an egg. My work is never done.

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