Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cute things

The kids have said so many note worthy things recently and I keep forgetting to write them down. Here's what I can remember. Most disturbingly, Jake came to me a few weeks ago with a dinosaur in one hand and a little toy person in the other. He said he wanted to tell me a story. He said the person was a little boy named Jake who just could not take his mama anymore so he got the dinosaur to crush her until she was dead. Fascinating. I wonder how much a child therapist costs. The cutest conversations I over hear involve who they're going to marry. They have both realized that they can't marry each other and have chosen to marry friends from their class at school. Jake has always had a thing for a cute little girl named Ainsley. Last summer they even wrote to each other over the break. But this year Mae moved into town. She's odd, quirky and adorable. She hugs him when they leave school and I've even seen her take his hand and kiss it. She tells everyone he is the funniest kid in class. None of this moved Jake however. But then Mae told him that she wants to be a scuba diver when she grows up so now he wants to marry her. Goodbye Ainsley. Hello Mae. Oh, and they are going to have four kids. Named Jake, Emma, Tyler and Eater. I feel sorry for Eater already. Emma wants to marry Bryson even though he threw up in school one day. She thinks he's silly and evidently that is the number one requirement in a mate these days.
I also love to hear the kids talk about what they want to be when they grow up. Emma Mae wants to be a kitty cat. Jake told her she needs to grow a tail and some fur in order to do that but she is unphased. She says she's already got hair on her legs so it shouldn't be too hard to become a kitty. Now, Jake usually says he wants to be an animal rescuer. But the other day I heard him say he now wants to tackle alligators for a living. And then yesterday after an intense conversation Jake and Emma both decided to swim with dolphins for their future jobs. My heart soared. And then there are the rockamoly's. That's Em's word for roly poly's. It is the most adorable thing she says. Every time we go for a walk she tells me not to step on any rockamoly's or sometimes it's rockapoly's. Either way it's cute. Love the stage these kids are in when they're not driving me crazy!


  1. This whole post made me smile. so cute

  2. This whole post made me smile. so cute