Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Little Man!

Hello Ya'll!!! (I've been in Texas to long) Big Daddy here guest blogging for a bit.

Football season is coming to a close, and for me its been kind of a disappointing year. See I'm a big Chiefs fan. They are currently 2-12. No that's not a typo...2 wins and 12 losses for the season. Granted I also am a Cowboys fan by marriage and they might make it to the playoffs. I'm also a big fan of Peyton and the Colts. But my heart is with the Chiefs. I'm almost ashamed of to admit it. Almost.

There is however one brightspot on my team....Tony Gonzalez. He has set many records this season (career yards, recptions, and touchdowns for a tightend) and is going to be in the hall of fame some day.

Good old #88

I couldn't be more more proud to root them on with my little man!


  1. At least you are teaching Jake early how to deal/cope with loss and disappointment! Maybe you should switch to a college team... oh wait, K State isn't worthy either... sorry.

  2. Well, Texas is definately worthy. Jake will be the next Colt McCoy only he won't get snubbed when he's up for the Heisman!