Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comings and goings

Yesterday I took the kids to see my friend Jana. She lives about an hour away from us so we had a little car ride. Lucky for me, Emma wanted to play hide and seek for the last thirty minutes of the ride. From her car seat. So it was pretty easy to find her every single time.

When we got to their house we saw a little baby bird in their driveway that was having a very hard time getting air born. I told Jana about it and she said they had been watching and rescuing it for the last four days. On our way home I contemplated picking it up and taking it back with us to nurse it along or maybe taking it to the wildlife rehabilitation place we took baby bird Flinn to at the beginning of the summer. Then I remembered that in saving Flinn we murdered another totally innocent bird. Also, mama bird dive bombed my head when I got too close to him. So I left the little guy alone after saying a quick prayer for him.

Today we stayed home to babysit Logan. I have never been bossed/ordered around so much by little people in my entire life. Does anyone else out there have a bossy little two year old girl living with you? She is a mess! My mama discovered this when they were here. Emma told her every morning exactly where to sit and what toys to play with and what room to be in. It's exhausting. By the end of the day I'm tempted to just do what she says because then at least I don't have to think for myself.

Jake on the other hand is so easy going and laid back. Ha! I just cracked myself up. Those two spent the entire day fighting. Which meant there were lots of time outs. Lots of playing by themselves in their own rooms. Actually, Jake loves to be in his room. He cries when I first send him there and then five minutes later he is having a blast all by himself. When my parents visit we always let them stay in his room and Jake sleeps in the playroom in a tent. He enjoys this but we found out this past trip that he misses his room while they're here. I told Jake before they came that MeMaw and PePaw would be staying with us for four nights in his bed. He said okay, that's great. Well, on the morning they were leaving my dad went in the playroom to say good morning to Jake. Jake looked at him and said "PePaw, you've been here for four mintues already so tonight I get to sleep in my own bed!" Hospitality runs short in a four year old.

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