Saturday, July 9, 2011

Movies and small bladders do not make a good combo

Mike's dad and his wife Sally and her son drove down from Missouri last week. They were bringing Mike's brothers kids back to him since he's home from Afghanistan. They all made it over to our house Wednesday afternoon. We had a great time seeing them again and made a trip to the pool with all of the kids. We also made a trip to Salt Lick for some barbecue. Yum.

They came back Thursday to spend the day also. We met them at a movie theater in Austin to take the kids to see Cars 2. Now, this was a big deal. Jake and Emma have never been to a movie theater before. Their cousins, Alia and Tayla have so we were hoping the girls behavior would rub off on our kids. As soon as we bought our tickets Jake and Emma decided they needed to go to the bathroom. Mike took Jake and I took Em. We walked into the bathroom to see Sally holding Tayla's little blue dress under the automatic hand dryer and Tayla standing there in her undies. It was a long car ride for them and she had an accident. So I took Emma to go potty all the while thinking "it sucks to be Sally right now."

We got our popcorn and found seats and waited for the movie to begin. Emma was occupied until she ran out of popcorn. That was about seven minutes into the movie. Then she needed to go potty. I had intentionally sat down on the end by the girls so I could take them out if they needed to go. Off we go to the bathroom. I looked behind me only to see Tayla running after us because she had to go again. Let's just say we did that same thing with various rotations of girls for the next two hours. We must have gone to the potty ten times. I have only a vague inkling of what the movie was about.

The last time I had Emma with me. Well, Sally and Tayla came in right after us and Sally and I were both in agreement that the girls would not be going back into the movie. I told Sally to go back and I would watch the girls. I took them outside because there is a really cool water feature/fountain outside the building. It's just for looking though.

The girls were happy to walk around the fountains on the little brick wall that encircled them for a few minutes. They started walking faster and faster until I had to tell them to slow down already before somebody falls into the water. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, Tayla fell in. All the way in. The already once dried dress was completely soaked again. I took both girls back to the bathroom, stripped down Tayla and spent the next fifteen minutes drying her clothes under the automatic hand dryer. All the while thinking "it sucks to be me right now."

Anyhow, Jake really enjoyed his movie experience even though he didn't like the last part of the movie and said it was too scary. I learned a valuable lesson. Never take a child under 3 years old to the movies.

I can't believe we didn't take any pictures of all the family together. The only one I took was of Sally and the girls napping in the afternoon. Aren't they adorable?

We had a really good time and can't wait to see everyone again.

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