Sunday, July 17, 2011


A couple months ago I bought a Groupon for a one night stay at a local bed and breakfast. If you don't know about Groupons then now is the time to sign up. Seriously, they allow people on a tight budget to be able to go do things. This was an amazing deal. We got about 60% off of our stay at the Inn Above Onion Creek. I had just enough money left over from my birthday to cover everything.

My sister and Katie drove down to get Jake and Emma on Thursday morning and took them back to their house to spend the night. Then Mike and I were free for about 24 hours. We couldn't check in to the inn until 3pm so we decided to drive on out a little farther and go to Wimberley for a couple hours. It is such a cute little town! Although it was hotter than the sun. But that's pretty much everywhere in Texas right now. We had lunch at a great little spot called The Leaning Pear. I had my first experience with chilled soup. It was chilled celery soup to be exact and it was divine!

At 3pm we went and checked in at the bed and breakfast. We quickly changed into our swimsuits and headed to the pool to relax for the next two hours. At six we headed to the dining room for dinner. Dinner was good although a bit awkward. Most of the guests were on the younger side and everyone tried to sit at different tables and not talk to each other. Then about 30 minutes into dinner two older couples showed up together and flung open the doors and shouted "Hey Ya'll! It's so quiet in here! We're all family!" They were obviously seasoned bed and breakfasters.

After dinner Mike and I took a walk to a scenic overlook and marveled at how pretty it would be if Texas wasn't one big, dry, brown wasteland right now. Then we played horse shoes. Because we're sixty.

The next morning we had Nutella stuffed French toast with strawberries on top. Oh. My. Word. That is french toast stuffed with chocolatey goodness. Sweet! I loved it! If you're looking for a good bed and breakfast in the Texas Hill Country I highly recommend this place. The room was beautiful. The pool was great and we got to spend the morning relaxing in hammocks before we checked out.

Of course I forgot to bring our camera. Bad Little Mama. I was so mad at myself. But this is a link to the room we stayed in. Check out the bathroom! Amazing! And really, sign up for Groupon in case they offer this deal again. And no I'm not being compensated by Groupon or the Inn Above Onion Creek. If only!

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