Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Naps and things

Yesterday my sweet friend Jana brought her two kiddos over for a play date. I haven't seen much of her since she had sweet Amelia back in March. It was so much fun holding a little baby again! And so much fun giving the baby back to mama when she got fussy! Jake and Emma loved just sitting and watching her in the bouncy seat. They both said they wanted a new baby in our house. Good luck with that!

We also had Logan over here so it was a full house. I discovered something vitally important though. Logan couldn't settle down to take his nap while the other kids were here so I ended up putting him down right after they left around 1pm. That's also Emma's usual nap time so I put her in Jake's bed at the same time. And she went to sleep. That's two kids down at the same time! Huge! We're doing it again today. They are both asleep and Jake and I are about to have some one on one book reading time.

Right after he's done saving the world. This kid has super hero on the brain. I hear it's an actual medical condition. The only treatment is surgical removement of the Spider Man mask or the kids imagination. Wish me good luck with that!

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  1. Don't you absolutely LOVE nap time?! I think Maya is giving hers up and I'm really sad about this.
    Love the superheros!!!! We are all about pirates and army men over here.