Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Girl reunion

We made it through another day of heat and babysitting and minor sibling squabels. All day long I was just looking forward to seeing two friends that I used to work with at the Hyatt. Sharon and her family are here on vacation and Eva and her family just moved back to Texas. I couldn't wait to see these girls again.

We decided for all the families to meet out for dinner. I suggested Nutty Brown Cafe in Austin because so many people have told me that it's a great place to go with little kids because they have a big grassy area to play on. Well. The grassy area is not really available on concert nights. Tonight was a concert night. So poor Jake and Emma had to be wrangled into sitting still for another dinner out. They did pretty well.

The food was good. I had a great big chicken fried steak and ate every single bite. I was a bit leary of the food at first because of the big lizard sized cock roach we saw skittering around the wall above our heads after we ordered. The waitress said she would get it if she saw it again. So, that was comforting. When the food came out I was so hungry that I forgot all about the bugs and just dived into the food.

Emma visited the bathroom seven times in two hours. She used both stalls, every paper towel holder and every soap dispenser that was available to her. Jake was beside himself over one of those claw games where you move the claw to win a fabulous prize. He really wanted the Scooby Doo in there. He really didn't get it.

It was fun to catch up with old friends though. These girls are just the best. Their hubbies are all right too. Oh, and their kids are adorable.

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