Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Visit from the grandparents

My parents came to visit on Sunday evening. We've had the best time with them the last few days. This is what I made for dinner Monday night. Yum! We've had the pleasure of eating out the rest of the time!

We've taken the kids to the pool, to Target for some new toys and to the Jumpy Gym to play. But, I think the kids enjoy staying home playing with MeMaw and PePaw more than anything.


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Fariss,

    You are both looking great!


  2. I think there is a spider in that swing....

  3. I love that my kids are not the only ones that wear costumes when it is not halloween. Spidey is very popular

  4. i think it's kind of cute don't you cathy? jake wore his spiderman costume out to eat chinese the other night!

  5. Oh how I miss getting bossed around by Emma. Wish I could sit right here on the carpet with her every day. Love, Mom