Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, Monday

1.) When the kids and I got out of school today the temperature gage in the JEEP said 122. Texas forever. But Texas? totally unacceptable.

2.) I'm afraid the mice have gained control of the kitchen. They seem to be going from under the refrigerator to under the stove to under the kitchen sink and then through the dishwasher and making a big loop. We have set out mouse traps that have not worked. Today, I moved one of the traps under the kitchen sink which is where a lot of activity seems to be taking place. It's time to man up around here. If this doesn't work I'm giving Mike full authority to use his military training and whatever means are at his disposal to get rid of the mice. I've tried to be compassionate, but look where that's gotten us. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

3.) I had hoped to use a quote from Friday Night Lights in every bullet point of this post. Alas, I can't remember any other quotes. Actually, the fact that I remembered two is remarkable and due solely to the fact that they were used so much during the show. Mike on the other hand, can remember lines to movies he saw when he was seven but he can't remember to stop and get milk on his way home from work. Why is that?

4.) Is anyone else out there anxiously awaiting the fall television programming season? I'm ready for some Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and Survivor. I would really love to see another season of Friday Night Lights so I can adore Coach Taylor and his wife Tami from afar and pretend like they are real people I'm friends with. But the people at NBC or wherever decided to rip out my heart and cancel one of the only quality programs on TV.

5.) That is all for now. Thank you.

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