Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Our first day back to KKW was a success! My class of little ones did surprisingly well. Between all of the diaper changes, snacks and attempted naps the day flew by. Jake's teachers said he did great and he seemed really happy at the end of the day. Emma Mae had a rough start but her teachers said after about an hour she settled in for the day and did good too.

Here are the pics we took before we left home this morning. You can kind of tell Em was going to have a rough start!

Yes, Jake did wear that hat to school although his teachers made him take it off in the classroom.

Their backpacks are bigger than they are this year but I figure they can grow into them over the next two or three years!


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  2. Emma's getting ready to hike the appalachian trail with Daddy and Pappy!

  3. Please tell us why they have to carry these huge bags. Do they have to carry clothes for the week? Your Dad and I are just curious. Love, Mom

  4. because their teachers send home an enormous amount of stuff every week! the back packs are on wheels so they can wheel them like a suitcase instead of carrying them...