Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seriously. You're not going to believe this.

Remember how I suspected that we had a mouse in our house? Well, about two days ago Zoe the cat was stalking the refrigerator again. This time Mike was home. So he moved the refrigerator out of the way and again we found no mouse. But, I'm sad and grossed out to say that we found some, um, evidence of a mouse.

Remember how we had captured one of the mice out in our garage in a fish tank and were keeping him as a pet/prisoner of some sort? Well, this morning I got a case of the crazies while we were out running errands and bought a small cage and some bedding for Anatole. It's very hot here and I didn't want him to die of a heat stroke out in the garage. He's an orphan. He's had a tough go of things lately. It's a hard knock life. I thought we could bring him inside in a cage and be one big happy family.

Well. Mike put the cage together right before lunch. Then he went outside and coaxed Anatole into a Tupperware container. Then he brought Anatole inside and tried to drop him in his fancy new home complete with an exercise wheel. Anatole revolted. He jumped out of the Tupperware and took off. The kids were screaming. I was screaming as I jumped up on the nearest piece of furniture. Anatole ran under the couch. Then under a shelf. Mike caught him two more times and attempted to get him in the cage. He did not want to go. Ungrateful orphan. The next thing we knew Anatole was running under (you guessed it!) the refrigerator. Self fulfilling prophesy I guess.

Mike moved the refrigerator out again. No mouse. Mike took apart the refrigerator. No mouse. I have no idea where this mouse (these mice) are. But I know for sure there is at least one in this house. And as Mike pointed out to me what if Anatole is a boy and the other one is a girl? We could have a whole mess of mice in here.

If I hear squeaking in our bedroom in the middle of the night again I'm out of here. If I can move that is. My back is out again and fleeing from an escaped mouse today did not help things out at all. Sudden movements are killer. My back is whack. Not to mention my brain. I mean who tries to get one mouse out of their house while simultaneously bringing another mouse in their house? We need help!


  1. That's what I said!

  2. hey, i'm not the one who let the mouse out in the house!

  3. Your compassion is admirable but seriously you need to kill 'em