Saturday, August 6, 2011

Prayer time

Jake and Emma love to pray. Well, Emma loves to make the rest of us pray. We don't sit down to a single meal without her holding out her little hands and shouting "NEED TO SAY PRAYER!" She will not be dismissed. There will be no peace until a prayer is said.

The rest of us usually take turns saying the prayer before dinner. This is a sampling of what Jake's prayers sound like:

"Dear God, Thank you for my mommy, my daddy and my sister. I love my mommy, my daddy and my sister. Please let Emma get her tonsils taken out. Amen"

"Dear God, Thank you for mama, daddy and Emma. Thank you for getting my tonsils out when I was four. Amen."

"Dear God, Thank you for...(see above). Please let me have a ____ (insert whatever toy he is currently obsessing over.) And please let Emma get her tonsils taken out. Amen."

He is hilarious. I think he might be confusing God and Santa Claus a little bit but I totally get why. He seems to think that ever since he got his tonsils taken out he is better at everything he does. He is faster, smarter and bigger. That's why he wants Em to get hers taken out I think, not because he wants her to be in pain and agony for two weeks like he was!

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