Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I do when I'm stressed

Yesterday we stayed home all day because I was babysitting. By 10am I really needed a nice, dark, quiet place to hide. Instead I did some therapeutic cleaning. Namely, the inside of our microwave. It has never been sparklier. Jake and Emma had both been banished to their rooms to play with their own toys all by themselves since they couldn't play nicely together. I may have threatened to throw all of their toys away if they didn't start playing with them. Emma may have told me that she did, in fact, WANT me to throw away all of her toys. Logan was told to stay in the playroom and to leave the other kids alone before their bad manners rubbed off on him. Nice.

Anyway. The twenty minutes I put into cleaning that microwave probably saved lives around here. Also, I managed to burn off a few of the calories I put on earlier shoveling brownies down my throat at 9:15am because Emma was throwing a 40 minute temper tantrum. A tantrum which began because I had the nerve to take her out of her swing outside so that Jake could have a turn. A tantrum that continued because I had the gall to demand that she stop yelling at me and trying to kick me when I manually put her in time out. Oh, the two's. How I can't wait until you're over. Seven more months to go but who's counting?

Later, I continued my cleaning spree while Mike was cooking dinner. Yes, I have a hubby that will cook dinner when I've had a bad day. I count my blessings! So, I decided to clean our bathroom. I hate cleaning bathrooms and put it off as long as I can stand it. Actually, I only cleaned the sinks and the toilet but I felt pretty good about it afterwards.

This morning while I was taking my shower, Emma was in there (of course!)and we were playing hide and go seek. It's really easy because I'm counting in a glass shower and she is hiding in the closet right in front of me over and over again. She thinks it's awesome! Anyhow, I guess she needed to poop but decided to put it off due to all of the fun she was having. By the time she ran to the potty, it was too late. There was poop everywhere. In her underwear, on her legs and all over my newly clean, shiny toilet.

We ended up staying home all day today also because of the babysitting. I did take the kids to the park for an hour before it became hot enough to fry bacon on a plastic slide. I love the smell of bacon but not when it's coming from my children's thighs! I decided to fore go stress cleaning today and instead opted to just stick my head in our clean microwave when the going got tough.

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