Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mouse update

Well, Operation Mouse Relocation didn't go off exactly as planned. When Mike got home from work he went out in the garage to assess the situation. All three mice were still in the tank. They had even built themselves a little home out of paper and sand. They were all huddled up together being all cute and stuff.

We debated back and forth for minutes about whether we should keep them as pets or set them out in the wild. We even called our neighbor over to ask his opinion. He said something about a hammer and their heads so I quickly dismissed him.

Eventually, I had to go inside and tell Mike to do what he though was best as long as he didn't hurt them because the decision was causing me way too much angst and emotional stress.

So I hear him out there with Jake and Emma and I just had to take a peek. Mike was standing hovered over that tank with a tupper ware container trying to catch those mice. The mice were jumping all over the place trying to hop out of the tank. The kids were screeching. I could tell those little mice were just so scared and I had to go back inside to regroup. If I was in possession of anti anxiety pills I so would have swallowed some at that point.

Anyhow, this is how it played out. One of the baby mice got away and scurried away to safety somewhere in our garage. Mike caught the other two seperately and let them out seperately in the vacant lot right beside our house.

So, here is my problem. I am obsessed with the fate of these mice. I cannot let it go. I'm worried about the little bugger still in our garage all alone without his family. How will he survive? I'm very worried about the two in the vacant lot. What if the baby didn't reunite with its mama? It is like a bajillion degrees in Texas. I'm afraid they will die from the heat or from a snake or from a bird. I fear that they are soft from living high on the hog in our garage and have lost their natural instinct to survive in the wild.

It didn't help matters much this morning when my daddy told me that the baby is probably already a member of the food chain. Note to my friends and family. Please let me live in my delusional world where cute little mice do not fall victim to large menacing animals. It's the only thought that is keeping me sane. I live on the border of extreme anxiety and barely able to cope. I'm afraid finding out that we sent those little mice to meet their doom would send me right over the edge. Seriously. I haven't slept well the last two nights for all the thinking about them.

So, we did what any rational couple that just got rid of two mice from their garage would do. We left the garage door open that night in case they made their way back the thirty feet it would take them to get back in. No sight of them yet. But, I'm still hoping.


  1. true story....we had a mouse prob when i was going to grad school. i lived with two other girls. we set up glue traps everywhere. one night we actually caught a cute little mouse. my roommate and i felt so sorry for him that we spent the next few hours performing a very delicate procedure--that of trying to cut his little feet free from the glue! we got him out and set him free in a field but i'm thinking the anxiety of the procedure might have done him in.

    what is wrong with us?

  2. I know Mentanna! What is wrong with us? I know God made me with a very soft heart but seriously!

  3. Hysterical!
    You know, they probably made their way back to your garage within 15 min. of letting them go. Smart little buggers!!!