Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh boy

Wow. I totally failed in my goal of blogging every day this summer. I'm a little behind. I'm going to catch up with a list.

1.) Mike turned 30 on Aug. 17th. His dad and I have been planning to have a surprise party for him for the last year. We almost pulled it off too. I rented out the clubhouse in our amenity center for Friday night. We invited people. We kept it a secret. But then one of his best high school friends whom Mike hasn't seen in 11 years posted on his Facebook account Friday that he was in Texas. Mike knew something was up then. He also claims I was acting suspiciously. I never act suspiciously. It was still a nice party and Mike was surprised when he saw our friends Mike and Ivy who flew in from California for the occasion. Mike told me the week before his birthday that he feels like he always gets jipped on his birthday so I'm hoping this party made up for that a little bit! Also, a big thank you to Mike's dad and his wife Sally who helped me so much with this party.

2.) Today is the day that Rick Springfield was born into this world changing my life forever. Happy 62 Rick!

3.) Tomorrow is our first day of "school" this year. Please pray for me and my co-teacher Jana as we "teach" some precious little 15 month olds this year. Let's hope my back holds out so they can call me Ms. Kim instead of Grandma.

4.) Also, as long as you're praying you might want to lift one up for Emma Mae's teachers this year. She is a pill. Enough said.

5.) I'm hoping this year will be the year that people realize Emma's name is Emma Mae. After all, it's on all of her labels. And she will tell you adamantly that her name is "Emma Mae Fwinn!"

6.) We have adopted one of the mice in our garage. He's in a tank and we named him Anatole. I'm considering buying him a small animal cage and bringing him inside. I also may have bought him a treat at WalMart last night. The crazy never stops over here.

7.) I spent one day last week searching for a mouse in the house. Zoe (the cat) was stalking something under the refrigerator for a good two hours. Then she moved to the stove for another hour. I swear I saw something stick a body part out and then bring it back in real fast when it saw her looking at it. I took the kids to the pool because I was a little freaked out and then when Mike got home from work he moved the refrigerator and the stove. Nothing was there. Except for various toys, a magnet and a dog hairball the size of a chihuahua. However, two nights this week I have been woken up by the sound of something squeaking in our bedroom. I seem to be the only one that can hear it which makes me think the crazy is in my brain alone.


  1. Yay! Good luck on the first day of school... sounds like you had a great summer!

  2. I'm excited that Hudson will have you for his first teacher! Praying for y'all! :)

    Also, I have a student this year with the name "Amanda Mae" as her first name. I had no idea that you wanted your girl to go by "Emma Mae". Guess I've dropped the ball on that one already, I'll try to improve! :)

  3. Don't fret. Your crazy has made a space in my head too. Those darn critters. - Katha